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Saturday, 2 June 2018


Retirement on wheels is getting more popular by the day as an alternative lifestyle, especially in countries like South Africa with an abundance of sunny days all year round.

Travelling and experiencing new horizons broadens the mind. For new retirees it helps to make the mind shift from the daily routine of the working class to the casual, timeless self-indulging existence. In South Africa we are fortunate to live in a world within one country. Every citizen should be encouraged to visit all nine provinces and experience the different cultures of every region.

Planning for retirement on wheels should ideally start 5 to 10 years before retiring from work so you can start retirement with wheels that's paid off, whether you choose a motorhome or car & caravan.

Both will last you for the rest of your life and most working class retirees won't be able to afford a replacement later on so it's important to choose well. Both options have pros and cons but generally a motorhome is best for a fast (1 or 2 years) tour of South Africa and caravan with towing vehicle better for long term touring with monthly stays. With either options you should buy the biggest and best you can afford whilst still earning a salary.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Whether you start early, as a 25 year old buying your first caravan, or looking at retiring in your last caravan there are choices to be made. Before the choice was between an apartment and a house with a lawn and picket fence with obvious advantages and disadvantages.
Now your main choice is between a motorhome or towing vehicle & caravan, to use as permanent residence. Both have their own pluses and minuses depending on the lifestyle you plan for yourself.

 As a youngster you would definitely move around more daily as you earn a living, no matter what your profession is so you would most probably need a car. You would also stay longer at one location and limit towing your caravan to a few times a year so daily comfort is more important than towing a streamline unit. There are many possibilities work-wise today, even blogging for a living, but even if you choose a regular job like a bank clerk or salesman you can work in a different province for the same company, but now you can take your home with you. We are lucky to live in a world in one country so go and experience the rainbow nation and after seven or eight years you will have a fully paid car and caravan making it easier to settle down somewhere and start a family.

Monday, 30 April 2018


A new lifestyle is here !

Do we still need homes build of stone ?

With caravans and motorhomes build by today's manufacturing standards it's easy to see why many retirees opt for the portable lifestyle and more and more young couples are investing in this lifestyle.

Friday, 20 April 2018


One of our most pleasant caravan stays of all times was in a Belvedere caravan which I bought in Joburg. The dealer suggested Creed's Caravanpark for a long term stay and delivered it there for us as it needed to be towed with a special vehicle.

By now we had three children so we needed something big and this one was 27' (nine meters) long and had two doors.
The caravan was old and we had to completely re-decorate the inside but as I was in the furniture trade and interior decorating was my hobby it was a pleasure to furnish it with flokati rugs on wall to wall laid  carpet tiles and new cotton curtains all round.
The fold-down wall bed was replaced with a new queen size Edblo Fantasy base set.

I moved to Joburg, which was not a good decision, to help open the Greatermans shop in the (then) new Eastgate shopping centre and although we both enjoyed working in the centre the bomb scares just became too much and when my wife got offered a managerial position in PMB by her employer we jumped at the chance to get out of Joburg.
We were so in love with our home on wheels that we just could not sell it so we had it towed to Pietermaritzburg where we moved into the municipal caravanpark.

Here in PMB I took the time to repaint the outside of the Belvedere to match to refurbished inside.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


I was 22 years old, married with one child, when I bought my first caravan and moved to Wateruintjiesvlei caravanpark just outside Paarl. We enjoyed it so much that the second child was born in Paarl hospital a year later. It felt like paradise under the pine trees with squirrels visiting the caravan regularly as we adapted quickly to the permanent camping lifestyle.

The year: 1973

Make: Sprite Cavalier 16'

Price: R1,900.00  (One thousand nine hundred)

As you can see I was very proud of my new home on wheels, bought cash by selling all our furniture.

After a few years me moved to Pretoria where we stayed at Joos Bekker near the CBD while looking around for a more suitable long term stay which we found at Wawiel Caravan Park, 20 km away from the CBD where I worked. I eventually sold the van for R1,000.00 when we moved away to a live-in job at a group of motels.

Monday, 16 April 2018

CARAVAN MAN - The Traveller

It's most people's dream to take to the roads when they retire from their 9-5 job but some people just won't wait till then and are willing to change their entire lifestyle to travel.
In my case my job demanded almost constant travelling through South Africa and Namibia for about sixteen years and as many travelling sales people will tell you it is not always fun but very rewarding, not only money-wise.

Staying at guesthouses and hotels etc. is fine when it's done for short periods, as when you are on holiday for two weeks or a long weekend but not for long periods. Sleeping in a different bed under bedding you are not used to and waking up without your usual smell of coffee - not nice at all.

Pulling my bedroom,bar,diningroom,kitchen, lounge and patio behind me was the solution, now I could drink from my favourite glass and enjoy the food I was used to every day.

Holidays worked out better too as I had my holiday home with me. My wife and children could visit me every school holiday at a different location using a variety of transport so it was never boring for them. With the tent up the caravan changed from a bachelor pad to a five sleeper chalet in no time.
Campsite tariffs  for me or the family was the same price, so no extra cost there.
I only worked a few hours daily, mostly in the afternoon so there was enough time to take the family out sightseeing and as I already knew the area I could show them the best places.