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Monday, 16 April 2018

CARAVAN MAN - The Traveller

It's most people's dream to take to the roads when they retire from their 9-5 job but some people just won't wait till then and are willing to change their entire lifestyle to travel.
In my case my job demanded almost constant travelling through South Africa and Namibia for about sixteen years and as many travelling sales people will tell you it is not always fun but very rewarding, not only money-wise.

Staying at guesthouses and hotels etc. is fine when it's done for short periods, as when you are on holiday for two weeks or a long weekend but not for long periods. Sleeping in a different bed under bedding you are not used to and waking up without your usual smell of coffee - not nice at all.

Pulling my bedroom,bar,diningroom,kitchen, lounge and patio behind me was the solution, now I could drink from my favourite glass and enjoy the food I was used to every day.

Holidays worked out better too as I had my holiday home with me. My wife and children could visit me every school holiday at a different location using a variety of transport so it was never boring for them. With the tent up the caravan changed from a bachelor pad to a five sleeper chalet in no time.
Campsite tariffs  for me or the family was the same price, so no extra cost there.
I only worked a few hours daily, mostly in the afternoon so there was enough time to take the family out sightseeing and as I already knew the area I could show them the best places.

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