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Friday, 20 April 2018


One of our most pleasant caravan stays of all times was in a Belvedere caravan which I bought in Joburg. The dealer suggested Creed's Caravanpark for a long term stay and delivered it there for us as it needed to be towed with a special vehicle.

By now we had three children so we needed something big and this one was 27' (nine meters) long and had two doors.
The caravan was old and we had to completely re-decorate the inside but as I was in the furniture trade and interior decorating was my hobby it was a pleasure to furnish it with flokati rugs on wall to wall laid  carpet tiles and new cotton curtains all round.
The fold-down wall bed was replaced with a new queen size Edblo Fantasy base set.

I moved to Joburg, which was not a good decision, to help open the Greatermans shop in the (then) new Eastgate shopping centre and although we both enjoyed working in the centre the bomb scares just became too much and when my wife got offered a managerial position in PMB by her employer we jumped at the chance to get out of Joburg.
We were so in love with our home on wheels that we just could not sell it so we had it towed to Pietermaritzburg where we moved into the municipal caravanpark.

Here in PMB I took the time to repaint the outside of the Belvedere to match to refurbished inside.

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