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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Whether you start early, as a 25 year old buying your first caravan, or looking at retiring in your last caravan there are choices to be made. Before the choice was between an apartment and a house with a lawn and picket fence with obvious advantages and disadvantages.
Now your main choice is between a motorhome or towing vehicle & caravan, to use as permanent residence. Both have their own pluses and minuses depending on the lifestyle you plan for yourself.

 As a youngster you would definitely move around more daily as you earn a living, no matter what your profession is so you would most probably need a car. You would also stay longer at one location and limit towing your caravan to a few times a year so daily comfort is more important than towing a streamline unit. There are many possibilities work-wise today, even blogging for a living, but even if you choose a regular job like a bank clerk or salesman you can work in a different province for the same company, but now you can take your home with you. We are lucky to live in a world in one country so go and experience the rainbow nation and after seven or eight years you will have a fully paid car and caravan making it easier to settle down somewhere and start a family.