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Saturday, 2 June 2018


Retirement on wheels is getting more popular by the day as an alternative lifestyle, especially in countries like South Africa with an abundance of sunny days all year round.

Travelling and experiencing new horizons broadens the mind. For new retirees it helps to make the mind shift from the daily routine of the working class to the casual, timeless self-indulging existence. In South Africa we are fortunate to live in a world within one country. Every citizen should be encouraged to visit all nine provinces and experience the different cultures of every region.

Planning for retirement on wheels should ideally start 5 to 10 years before retiring from work so you can start retirement with wheels that's paid off, whether you choose a motorhome or car & caravan.

Both will last you for the rest of your life and most working class retirees won't be able to afford a replacement later on so it's important to choose well. Both options have pros and cons but generally a motorhome is best for a fast (1 or 2 years) tour of South Africa and caravan with towing vehicle better for long term touring with monthly stays. With either options you should buy the biggest and best you can afford whilst still earning a salary.

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